5 Days a Stranger Walkthrough

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[001] The game starts with our ‘hero’ (“Trilby” … gentleman thief) breaking into the apparently deserted DeFoe Manor. He has used his grolly to gain entry. The grolly is a grappling hook launcher disguised as an umbrella (umbrella in colloquial English = ‘brolly’), and is in your inventory.

[002] Look around the room. Do what you can. But there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do there.

[003] Open the door. You can’t!

[004] Open the window where you entered. You can’t, it’s stuck!

[005] Again, open the door. This time (for some reason) it opens.

[006] Exit to the hallway. Observe what happens when you do that! (somebody runs away).

[007] You can explore all the rooms which are open, and the garden area outside … as much as you wish. You can take any inventory items which are available. They probably will not be necessary for ‘Day-One’ but will save you time taking them later on.

[008] Try to open the 4 doors in the hallway. They are all locked except the bathroom. You can look around the bathroom if you wish … but it won’t help you at this stage.

[009] Walk downstairs.

[010] Pick up the newspaper which is underneath the telephone (not essential yet!).

[011] Read the newspaper … it gives some background info about the DeFoe Mansion.

[012] From the bottom of the stairs walk E’.

[013] Open the door and enter the living room. Continue by opening the door and walk E’ into the TV room.

[014] Turn on the TV and get some more background info.

[015] Take the VCR extension cord (not essential yet!).

[016] Open the other door and walk E’ into the trophy room.

[017] Meet and talk to Philip Harty. He will outline some of the strange goings on in the mansion. He will also detail the others apparently trapped there … Simone Taylor, the youngster Jim, and (the previously seen) flighty “AJ”.

[018] Return and go upstairs again. Walk E’ and you will see the TV personality Simone.

[019] She is trying to open the furthest locked door (excluding the bathroom). Talk to her.

[020] Go downstairs. From the bottom of the stairs walk W’. Open the door and enter the dining room. (Notice the portrait). Continue by opening the door and walk W’ into the kitchen. Look around the kitchen. Nothing to do in these places.

[021] Continue again by opening the door and walk NW’ outside into the garden. Look at and pick up the twig from the ground (not essential yet!).

[022] Push the tree. A voice is heard from somewhere.

[023] Talk to the tree. Jim jumps down from an upper branch and talks to Trilby.

[024] Walking E’ all the time, return to the living room. Join 3 of the prisoners there (Phil, Simone and Jim … AJ is absent) and discuss the situation.

[025] Talk to all 3 and exhaust dialogs with each of them.

[026] Phil gives Trilby a cut out article containing some history of the Defoe’s.

[027] Read the article (whenever).

[028] They all retire for the night. Trilby has a nightmare, and wakes up to ………..

5 Days a Stranger Walkthrough

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