The Dark Eye Walkthrough

The Dark Eye
The story takes place in two different worlds. You , the main character and narrator, are retelling a story that you are asking us to believe happened to you. In addition to this personal story, the experience you are retelling includes nightmare experiences
(6 in total) that you lived through while you were also living through the "real world" experience.
In the game, certain events in the main story trigger the house into its nightmare state -- the house goes blue-y and whispers. At this point, you must find a portal to a nightmare and complete one nightmare in order to be allowed to come back and continue with the main story. There are 3 nightmares, but 6 experiences since you will have to do each nightmare as both the victim and the victimiser. (There are also 2 wonderful recitations of Poe`s -- but these are extra to the game). The 2 portals for the same nightmare are close to each other. The pair of portals for the 3 different nightmares are scattered throughout the house.

There isn't any walkthrough for this game now. If you have a walkthrough you can send it by clicking here.

The Dark Eye Walkthrough

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