Jigsaws Escape Walkthrough

1.Get the first note on the shelf.
2.Get the second note under the door
3.Get the key on the ground. put the key in that panel
4. Now, when you open it, quickly click the opening, and get the key inside.
5. It unlocks the telescope.
6. Go to the pipe, and look under it, you will get a bolt.
7. when you see the knife, throw the bolt at it.
8. Got to the hole in the window, and wait a while.
9. when you see leaves, and wind, get ready, and when a green wire swings from your left, click it. (you have to ahve the knife in your inventory,but don't drag it.)
10.While there, use the telesescope ont he farthest buliding, u will get another number.
11.Look for the five on the ceiling.
12.Now, look for the vent with the gold thing in it. click on it.
13. it is the key to a secret panel by the window on the lower corner wall. use it.
14.Now that you have all 5 numbers.
15. go to the safe.
16. and use the arrow keys to move the numbers.
17. the combination is 5 1 8 2 11
18. use the green key in the door.

Jigsaws Escape

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