Color Room Walkthrough

1. pick up a card
2. from the desk take a morse code - if you check **-* ** *-* *** - you will know that first number of code is 2
3. from the desk you take red piece
4. try to switch on the lamp - the key fall down on the floor - take it
5. check drawers in the desk - in first drawer is hook, blue square, yellow square
in the second - yellow and blue books
6. on the desk you put the book yellow and blue
7. check under the desk - there is a key to the third drawer the third drawer is screwdriver
9. under the carpet is green square
10. on the windowsill is red piece
11.under the pillow is black square
12. on verge of the bed, above pillow is the key, use the hook to take it
13.above the bed is red piece
14. open the shelf near the bed with the new key (look at point 12) and take black thing (it serve as puzzle for colourful square)
15. go to the wall cupboard - check the sheves - on the left in the middle - two red pieces, on the right , on the top shelf is red square, in the middle shelf is information "only four" this means ony four numbers you need to open the door
16.use the black square you have in your inventory to open the left drawer - you find one red piece and key to the second drawer
17. open the right drawer with the key, take the one red piece and pliers
18. stand in front of wall cupboard and check the wall of the cupboard - you must find grey square with nails - use screwdriver and after that pliers - you know the third number is 1
19. use the red pieces to rhombus - use the red pieces and put the red sqare, you know that fourth numer of the code is 9
20. next you check the last number - use the black thing you have, put on it the colourful pieces in the same way like the circles on the bed - you know the second number of the code 4
21. you know the code, go to the door, put the card and write the code 24 19

Color Room

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