Happy Christmas Escape Walkthrough

1)above the fireplace there are 2 silver squares the one on right has the key in it .
2)go to the door it will open automatically
3)go to the door on your right
4)go to the door on the right again
5)you should be in the master bedroom
6)on the top right hand corner you should see a arrow, click on it
7)you should see book cases
8) if you look closely at the books there is a yellow book that is brighter then the others click on it.
9)the book cases should move
10) click on the shaded entrance
11)you should be in a storage room
12)click on the jars to find a red key
13)once you have the key go back to the kitchen
14) click on the cupboard under the sink
15) the is a box
16)click on it
17) you should get a key
18)go to the front door and click on it
19) you should be out of the house

Happy Christmas Escape

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