Garfield - Scary Scavenger Hunt Walkthrough

1. Go right one screen
2. Open the chest and get the front door key
3. Come down the step and move one screen to the right again
4. Pick up the shovel
5. Head back to the front door
6. Go left one screen and talk to Jon. He will give you hints
7. Head another screen to the left, then walk up past the trees
8. Make your way through the top gate and into the graveyard
9. Head another screen to the right. Take note of the date on the gravestone
10. Use the shovel on the fresh grave to dig up some donuts
11. Make your way back to the front door and go inside
12. From the foyer, go left two screens
13. Pick up the cheese
14. Go up through the door into another hallway.
15. Move right one screen and click on the music painting. Get the green key
16. Head back to the main foyer and go right two screens
17. Use the green key on the green door
18. Move up into the music room. Here you just have to copy the order in which
the instruments play
19. When you finish the piano will play and you can get more donuts Hurrah!
20. Head back to the main foyer
21. Go through the door, up two screens and into the dining room
22. Move left one screen and click on the dish on the table
23. Get the red key
24. Move three screens to the right to the end of the kitchen
25. Open the middle cupboard and get the flashlight
26. Go back through the dining room and into the library
27. Move one screen to the right and click on the middle bookcase
28. Arrange the books alphabetically and the bookcase will open
29. Go downstairs and to the left where you’ll find Lyman in a cell. Talk to
him and you will hear a noise in the kitchen. Go there
30. Open the now unlocked fridge and take the muffin down to Lyman
31. Take his advice and head for the fireplace in the room with the green door
32. Walk into the fireplace and outside. Fall down the hole covered with leaves
and you’ll be in the locked cell downstairs. Muffins for you!
33. Make your way back to the main foyer
34. Go left two screens, and then up two to the red door
35. Go through the door into a study
36. Click on the painting and expose the safe. You need the date on the grave
here. If you didn’t copy it down, just click on the window and you can see it
37. Click on the safe and enter the code
38. More muffins! Head back to the main foyer
39. Time to go upstairs
40. From the hallway move one screen to the right
41. Lift the sheet in the bottom right corner to get more donuts
42. Go left back through the hallway and to the bedroom where you’ll find the
blue key under the pillow
43. Go through the blue door
44. Click on the dresser on the left and it will move away
45. Go in and give the mouse the cheese
46. Go back into the room and right one screen. Flick the switch
47. There is now another flight of stairs from the upstairs hall. Go up
48. Move right one screen and click on the bats
49. Unscrambling them should be fairly easy. The word is in the title of the
50. Hurrah! Your last pack of donuts

Garfield - Scary Scavenger Hunt

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Escaper said...

Another walkthrough:

~ Go right and click on the wooden chest to get the front doors key.
~ Go left and click on the front door. It will open.
~ Go inside. Go left. Take the cheese. Now go through the door and go right. Click on the last frame with the music notes . You will get the green key.
~ Come back to the main hall ( where the stairs are ). Keep going right, now you will see a green door. Click on it so that it will open. Go inside.
~ Play the Simon says game. Click on one of the instrument to start the game. You have to follow the way the instrument is played. After the game is over, the piano will open. Take the MINI POWDERED SUGAR DONUTS.
~ Come back to the main hall. Go through the door that is on the left of the stairs. You will be in a library.
~ Go right. Click on the second book shelf from the right. You need to arrange the books in alphabetical order.
Here is the order.
Beefs Up
Furry Tales.
Garfield Gets Cookin'
How To Draw Garfield
Insults. Put- downs And Slams
Never Accept A Gift With Air Holes.
Party Now Age Later.
Stupid Cupid.
~ The library will open. Don't go in there right now. Go to the left and go through the door. It's a dining hall.
~ On the left side of the table there is a covering bowl. Click on it and get the red key. Now go right, into the kitchen. You will see two mice pointing at the drawers. Don't open the drawers that they are pointing at. Instead open the one in the middle and get the torch.
~ Now go to the library that you opened. You will be in the dungeon. There are two cells here, go to the left cell. Click on Lyman. He is hungry. There is a noise in the kitchen so go back there.
~ The lock on the fridge is opened. Click on the fridge. Get the muffin. Go back to the dungeon and give the muffin to Lyman.
~ Layman will tell you "Have you looked inside the fireplace yet ".
~ So come back to the main hall. Go right. You will be in the room where the fireplace is, but there is no fire anymore. Go through the fire place.
~ You will be outside. Walk on the leaves. You will fall in the dungeon. Get the BLUEBERRY MUFFINS.Walk towards the screen and you will be out of the cell.
~ Come back to the main hall and climb the stairs.
~ Go to the room on the right. Click on the rightmost chair. Get the MINI CINNAMON DONUTS.
~ Now go to the room on the left and click on the pillow. You will get the blue key.
~ Come back out and click on the blue door to unlock it. Go inside the bedroom. Click on the cabinet on the left wall. Go through the hidden passage. Click on the mouse to give him the cheese. Now get the ASSORTED DONUTS.
~ Come out and go to the right side of the bedroom. You will see a switch on the wall. Click on it. Come out of the bedroom. You will see a ladder near the blue door. Climb the ladder. Click on the joker. Go right and help the bats spell. Click on the bats and spell GARFIELD by clicking the bats in order. The wooden chest will open and you will get the CHOCOLATE COVERED DONUTS
~ Come back to the main hall and then out of the house.
~ Go right and get the shovel.
~ Go left x 4. Then up and then go through the gates.
~ You will be in the graveyard. Go right. Note down the number on the gravestone 6-19-78.
~ Click on the right most grave to dig it. Get the SOUR CREAM DONUTS.
~ Go back inside the house and go left. Go further.
~ Click on the red door to unlock it.
~ Click on the frame on the wall. You will find a safe. Now click on the following numbers 6-19-78 to open the safe. Get the CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS.
The End.

Kylie Capshaw said...

You follow 49 steps just to get some donuts? Haha. A scavenger hunt could be very fun and exciting. That's because you are kept in the dark about what you are looking for the whole time. =)

Kylie Capshaw

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