La Foire Aux Mysteres 3 Walkthrough

The Fairground of Mysteries Episode 3 Walkthrough:

1. Click on the mailbox. Get the egg.
2. Go to the Musee de l’Horreur. Click on the Frankenstein.
3. Click on the skeleton bones. Put the skeleton together. The skeleton will reward you with a piece of bone.
4. Click on the broken mirror. Take a piece of the glass.

5. Click on the mummy’s hand in the coffin. Click on the mummy again. You will get a yoyo. Go back out to the main screen.
6. Go inside the 100 Dessus Dessous. Get the blender from the left of the door.
7. Drag the piece of mirror to the window. The flower will drop some blue seeds. You will take them. Go back to the main screen.
8. Go inside the Le Labo Magie. Click on the leftmost counter.
9. Drag the blender to the counter. Click on the outlet to plug the blender.
10. Drag the egg, blue seeds and bone to the blender. Click on the blender to mix them.
11. Click on top of the shelves on the bottom right to get a pack of cards.
12. Click on the picture of a magician on the wall to get it.
13. Go back out and go to the Monde Paraliele. Drag the picture of the magician to the guy and you will be able to open the door.
14. Walk through the maze (navigate using the arrow keys on the bottom right) and make it to where the lever is. The lever will bring up the hidden trailer.
15. Drag the pack of cards to you. Choose the R of Hearts (this is the clue from the 1st Episode). Drag the card to the slot.
16. Enter the 4 – 2 – 1 code (this is the clue to the 2nd episode).

For the ending, there are 2 ways to do it

The first one is:

» As soon as the door opens, run away by clicking on the arrow.
» The Magician will go away allowing you to get into his trailer. Go back to the trailer and go inside
» Now pour the potion you made on the two people trapped, by dragging the antidote to the machine they are attached to, and it will cure them.

The second one is:

» Get the big wand that is attached to the outside of the lab building.
» Go to the trailer and use the pole to get on top of the trailer.
» Use your yoyo on the hole in the trailer and it will knock down one of the chemicals on the magician.
» Go back down and enter the codes to get in and pour the potion you made on the girls and you win.

La Foire Aux Mysteres Episode 3

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