Johnny Rocketfingers 2 Walkthrough

Pick up bottle on your right
Use bottle on countertop
Pick up ashes
Use ashes on thugs
Pick up card on the floor
Pull chain on ceiling
Take knife
Check under the couch
Use key on window
Take gum on the wall
Combine gum and chain
Go down the ladder
Check the trash can
Go into liquor shop
Pick up the 40 bottle
Use 40 bottle on crack on the wall
Go outside and check out the crack on the wall
Give 40 bottle to bum
Take the bum’s can
Go back into the shop, take seltzer, talk to clerk to buy it
Combine seltzer with bread
Go back up the ladder and feed the pigeon with combined bread
Check the nest
Go back down the ladder again
Use hairpin on parking meter
Talk to the shady looking guy on the right side of liquor shop
Keep asking about Thug Inc information, do him a favour by finding his zippo
Use knife on drain and go down
Go back up again to the street
Go into alley and use knife on trashbag
Go back down to the sewer and use wrench on pipe
Climb into the hole, put burger outside the hole and use pipe on crocodile
Use wrench on wheel
Turn the wheel
Use single coin on panel and use knife to open the panel
Click on the panel and use G2 scrabble piece on missing button
Click on the G2 button
Keep walking left until you see treasure
Use the combined gum and chain on lighter on top of the treasure pile
Go back up and give the lighter to the guy, ask him where is the location of Thug Inc
Keep going left until you see bus. Use the coin pile on the bus
Sit back and watch the ending.

Johnny Rocket Fingers 2

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Escaper said...

Johnny Rocketfingers 2 walkthrough:

1) pick up right hand beer bottle
2) use beer bottle on countertop/edge to break it
3) pick up ashes, NOT ashtray
4) use ashes on thugs
5) pick up Thug Inc card
6) pick up chain (center of room)
7) pick up knife (left wall, above couch)
8) get key & quater from UNDERneath couch
9) use key on window
10) pick up gum, under window sill
11) use chain with gum to make a "chain with gum" combo item
12) go down ladder
13) get bread out of trash can (near bum)
14) go inside store
15) pick up the 40 ounce of beer (in the barrel)
16) use beer with CRACK in the wall, next to pac-man machine
17) go outside & retrieve beer from crack, near parking meter
18) give beer to bum
19) take bums "can of change"
20) go back inside store
21) pick up the "seltzer" or "fizzy tabs" on the counter
22) talk to the store owner
23) buy the seltzer with the money from the bum
24) use the bread with the seltzer to make a "seltzer & bread" combo item
25) go up the ladder
26) feed it to the pigeon
27) get the hairpin out of the nest
28) go down the ladder
29) use hairpin on the parking meter to get the mad cizzash
30) talk to hooded guy
31) say you need information
32) say anything about Thug Inc
33) agree to retrieve his lighter
34) use the knife with the storm drain closest to hooded guy
35) go down into sewer
36) immeditaly come back up to the street after going in sewer
37) go into the alley
38) use knife with the trashbag
39) you now receive a wrench, screwdriver, hamburger, & scrabble tile
40) go back down sewer
41) use the wrench with the loose pipe "kind of right in front of you"
42) climb into large hole
43) use hamburger with outside of hole
44) use pipe with crocodile
45) use wrench with wheel
46) TURN the wheel (using the fist icon)
47) use the SINGLE quarter with the panel to unscrew it
48) use the knife to break the panel open
49) look at the panel
50) use scrabble piece with missing button
51) push the button
52) keep walking to the left til you reach the treasure
53) use the "chain & cum" combo item on the lighter (sitting on top of the treasure)
54) leave sewer
55) talk to hooded guy
56) give him the lighter
57) walk aaallll the way to the left til you see the bus
58) use the money from the parking meter on the bus

suraj said...

hello pals, sup?huh? thiz iz suraj..and i will post a walkthrough on the suppish johnny
rocketfingers 2. Here it iz:
1: pick up the bottle on the left of ur screen
2: once u have grabbed the filthy bottle use it on the countertop/edge of the table so johnny can break it into half pieces.
3: take the ash from the ashtray on the left of ur screen.

suraj said...

4: drag the ashes to the thugz.
u will be seeing the action...
5: click on the thug Inc. card(it will be on the ground)
u will explore johnny's appartment.
6: click on the knife on the left of ur screen(it will be on the wall above the couch.)
7:click on the chain(it will be on the ceiling)

suraj said...

8: check under the couch(left of ur screen)
9:u will get a key and a quarter.
10: use the key on the window.
u will be out of johnny's disgusting appartment:)
11. click on a gum that will be under the window.
12. get down by the ladder.
13. check on the trash can. yuck! u will get a stale bread.
14:go to the shop(right to ur screen)
15: get inside.
16: pick up the 40 bottle on the barrel.
17) roll the 40 bottle through the crack(right of ur screen)
18: go outside of the store and take the bottle from the crack outside to ur left.
19: give the 40 beer to bum.
20: boom! he falls asleep.
21: Money Time! take the money from bums can.
22: go back to the store and take the seltzer on the counter end.
23: talk to the freaky store owner so u can purchase the seltzer/fizzy tabs.
24: combine the seltzer with bread and combine the gum with the chain.
25: come to left of ur side and climb the ladder. When u have reached up, feed the pegion with the combined selter and bread.
26: check in the nest. FINDERS KEEPERS, u will find a stupid hairpin.
27: go down the ladder and use the hairpin on the parking meter.
28: keep going right until u find a shady guy.
29. ask him about the imformation about thug inc.
30: then he will ask u to find his zippo lighter.Accept it.
31: use knife on the storm drain to snap it open.
32: go under the storm drain.
33: go up again .
34: go to the alley.
35: a man will throw garbage.
36. use knife on the trash bag to tear it open.
37. go to the storm drain again.
38. use the wrench on the pipe to snap it off.
39. go to the large hole.
40. throw the hamburger out of the hole.
41. when the crocodile comes out of its cave use the pipe on it.
U can see that johnny plan is not at all working.
42. use wrench on wheel.
43. then use hand (fist icon)on wheel.
44. then use the quarter on the panel.
45. use the knife to snap off the panel.
46. keep the G2 button on the missing scrabble button.
47: press on the G2 button.
48: keep walking left and then u will see a whole pile of shit.(treasure)
49. use combined chain and gum on the lighter corner and on top of the treasure. go up.
50. talk to the shady guy and ask him bout the information.
51. keep goin on left, pass thru bum until u see a bus.
52. when u reached the place your lookin fo u wil see an alley and a board that says "This Way To GANG HIDEOUT". walk past it and enjoy the ending. all right muthafuckers

WARNING: This gme is only suitable for 18 only. Not below that age. goodbye fuckers.

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