YHJ - Jail Escape Walkthrough

1) Break light bulb
2) Pick up bone
3) Look out of window
4) Look back inside
5) Pick up bowl
6) Look out of window again
7) Click on bowl

9) Click on flower
10) Click on wall to crack it (x3)
11) Click on bar to remove it
12) Click on wall to right of flower
13) Click on flower to pick it
14) Click on sky (there is some razor wire with the shadow of a watch-tower on it, click near the watch-tower.)

You are now out of your window.

Another walkthrough:

1) pop the light bulb by clicking on it
2) pick up the bowl and the bone
3) look outside
4) click on the bowl, so that the water fills it up
5) click on the bowl (not the prisoner, or else he will drink it) so that he feeds the flower
6) click somewhere underneath the flower so the wall breaks a bit. do this a few times till u realise u cant break the wall any more
7) click on of the bars
8) click to the right og the screen
9) click on flower
10) when u cant see anything through the window, click on a random spot, till u see the planted flower and water dripping
11) pick up the blue bar
12) click on prisoners arm
13) throw the bar away
14) throw the bone to the dog
15) click on door (this will take you to the original room...clik on that door too)
16) punch in code (i think its 619*)
17)punch the dog
18) punch again to get through the doorway
19) a heavy thing falls on you, and all these buttons appear, so click them...thats wat i did....but make sure u press one pointing to the side
20) clowns will appear and a note in chinese will pop up (i think it means "to be continued")


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