Brain Scrubbers - An Adventure In Insanity: The Room Walkthrough

1. There is only one view so take a look at the note on the ground and the book for some clues as to what has happened.
2. Focus in on the clock, you need to set the two alarm times as per the note.
3. The blobs of colour on the clock represent the numbers, 3, 6, 9 and 12. Just count the sides.

4. By clicking on the centre of the clock you can move either the whole clock face or just the hands.
5. First enter the time of 6:45 and then 3:30. Make sure you get the am or pm information correct.
6. The keypad behind the shelves is quite easy.
7. The four squares to the left of the keypad show what you need to enter. Two of the squares will be highlighted in green. Take a note of the colours and the total number of sides. This will equate to the key you need to press on the keypad. i.e. blue+green and a total 8 sides means you press the cyan button with 8 sides.

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