Cave Escape Walkthrough

Click on cave entrance.

Pick up tire behind bear.

Go left two screens, give tire to drowning man.

Click man repeatedly to have him swim to shore.

Go left two screens, and collect the man's hat.

Go left another screen and give the hat to the man. Click him, and he will try to throw it over the snake. Have him keep trying, and eventually it will capture the snake.

Go left and pick up the rope the skeleton is holding.

Go left two more screens and give the higher man the rope. Click him again to extend it, and then click on the lower man to have him jump to it.

Collect the missing puzzle piece from the right side of the screen.

Go back to the puzzle and do it. The large piece is tricky, drop it in lower than it has to be. Use the missing piece to complete puzzle.

Now every one should be congregating by the bear. He'll run away, leaving a bizarre pink thing. I think it looks like a piece of meat.

Go right and put the [meat] on the circular rock. A bat will fly by and knock it out of the way. Dig where the rock was, and you will uncover some dynamite.

Go right three times, and put the dynamite in the hole in the center rock.

You did it!

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