A Christmas RPG Wallkthrough

at the factory, walk out the door, it will fall and knock you out. you will wake up at some old dude's house, he says a detector is waiting outside. In the corner of the room is a dresser, look in it to get thread. go down the hall and right into the kitchen. look in the cabinets under the counter to get flour, and take a piece of paper towel from the roll on the counter. combine the flour and paper, then that and the thread to get flour bomb. go left to the stove, open it, pick up a stick, and use the stick in the stove. leave, go around the house to the canon, use the flour bomb on the canon, then the burning stick, and leave the area.

go left and pick up the crowbar. sneak past the policeman when he falls asleep and go into the courtyard. use the crowbar on the manhole cover.

in the sewer, go down until you reach the intersection and go right. use the crowbar to open the door. get the baking tray under the cabinets, the plastic bowl on the table, put the bowl on the tray, and stick it in the oven. leave and go right. when you reach a design drawn on the floor, go up into an invisible passage to collect a secret item. go back down and keep going right until you reach another ladder. go up and find the pole. go into the bar, go into the bathroom, and flush the boarded-up toilet. go back into the sewers, collect you melted plastic blob, combine with pole to make shovel, go all the way over to the left side of the sewer, pick up the secret item that you flushed out of the toilet. go back out and go around behind the bar. use the shovel to dig up mounds until you find the key. if you dig up all the mounds arranged in a square in the center, the chest opens and you get the third secret item. it's tricky, and i don't have a strategy. if you get all the secret items, go to where you found the pole, find the door the the left, go in and go through the big stone door to get a certificate. then go back into the bar, and go over to the right and find the meeting room door, go in and talk to the union leader. then talk to the keymaster (guy in black by the door). leave the bar and use the key to open the door to the right of the manhole. the lasers only "see" your head, not your body. the first document is up on the board by the dresser, click until all the papers are gone and then you get the document. second is down on the table, but the lasers dont blink, you have to flip the switches, really simple. the last document is in the big dresser behind the diagonal laser. now just get yourself caught, when the retry button appears, you will see a document icon undearneath it, click it. after the cutscene, you have to go to your dressing room, but it's locked, so go into the room to your left, and stumble onto a meeting between the detector, santa and a mysterious figure. after the scene ends, go take the metal out of the camera track, tear the boards off the window, go into the tech room, flip the switch on the left, go turn on the camera, and then go flip the other switch in the tech room. you win! now if you want to know who the mysterious figure is, watch the epilogue after the credits.

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