Colors Walkthrough

Enter Yellow Room
Click Key (Next to Water)
Click Bottom Drawer
Click Top Drawer
Click Frogs Left Eye (Your Right)

Click Bear
Enter Blue Room
Click Pump
Enter Red Room
Click Vase (Breaks it)
Click Umbrella
Click Safe Door Handle.
Click Note (R1 + R3 = ?)
Click Purple Book (R1 is red, R3 is Blue) Red and Blue makes purple
Click Yellow Book (Purple Code #660099)
Click Red Dot on Brown Thing
Enter #660099 and click send (Dot turns green)
Enter Blue Room
Click Circle on Green thing under desk.
Enter Yellow Room
Click Water Tank (Turns it green)
Enter Red Room
Click 3rd Bar from Left (Gives hint about C)
Enter Yellow Room
Click Phone
Enter 3214789
Click Send

Tip: (may depend on your browser) If you highlight and right click and copy something from your inventory you will be able to see what items are clickable.

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