Cross The River Walkthrough

1. Go left and get the bike that's hiding behind the trees.
2. Go right and go upwards into the bunch of trees.
3. At the base of one of the trees you'll find a 'saugsage'(?)
4. Go right to the back of the cabin.
5. Move the rock to get a map.

6. Go in the cabin window and go right. Collect the bike engine(?) off the table. Go down twice to exit.
7. Go to the left side of the cabin and get the shovel from behind the fruit tree.
8. Go left and down to get the full view of the cabin again.
9. Zoom in on the small rock, move it and then use the shovel to dig in the earth. What the hell it is you get from doing this I have no idea.
10. Go down and right and then zoom in on the cat. Give it the 'sausage'(?) and in return you can get the battery(?)
11. Whilst you're zoomed in on the cat get the ladder from behind the tree.
12. Go left and up back into the tree. Prop the ladder by the tree with the petrol can in it and you can then collect the petrol can.
13. Go back to the main view and zoom in the man with the chain saw. Give him the battery(?) and get the chain saw in return.
14. Go down and left and use the chain saw to chop down the tree. Collect the plank of wood.
15. Go right twice and put the plank on the stand in the river in the foreground.
16. Zoom in on the fisherman and give him the thing you dug up. Take the fishing rod.
17. Zoom in on the rive and use the rod to catch a bag of cash. Give the cash to the fisherman and he'll fill the petrol can for you.
18. Drag the petrol to the bike and drag the bike onto the ramp.

Play Cross The River

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