Deadly Legend Walkthrough

1 answer the phone.

2 get the box beside the phone.

3 go in the office get the blue book the get the grey cd next to the blue book.

4 put cd in the computer.

5 go into the first door on the right click on fan throw book at fan.

6 get the tolite paper use the tp on the hole where the fan was

7 when you get out hurry an out the crate in front of the door or you will die.

8 get the rope use rope on the satilite

9 back in the room click on the cell phone.

10 then your on the train talk to the man.

11 click on the big grey door the use dagger on the big window.

12 when on top of the train click on the side of the train to jump off.

13 affter you get back to the room a big picture comes up click on the forest make your way throw the forest its hard but keep trying.

14 affter you get out talk to the old guy.

15 on the roof of the building use dagger on the black cable.

16 in the room that you go into click on the round hole.

17 click on red water can use dagger on the red can water will apear in the floor.

18 on the bottom of the screen it shold say loose floor board click on it.

19 on the out side click where it says door.

20 click on the big red sybol on the right congrats you beat the game.

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