Erik's Escape The Room 3 Walkthrough

1. Open and shut the curtains several times until the crowbar falls. Pick it up obviously.
2. Read the book from the shelf and get a key.
3. Use the crowbar on one of the pins holding up the poster.
4. Look under the computer table for a clue.

5. Turn on the PC and play the game to get a further code.
6. Crack the code (it's easy, honestly) and get the answer to the hints, clue and code.
7. Open the chest with the key and pop the balloon with the pin. Pick up the string.
8. Focus in on the wall safe and enter the answer you got from the hint, code and clue.
9. Get the fork from the safe. Tie the string to the fork.
10. Look upwards for your escape route and use the fork to open the grill.

Play Erik's Escape The Room 3

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