Escape the Room Walkthrough

1) Move right, second drawer get the battery cell.

2) Move right, click to the right of the electric device (or use tab key), then put the battery in it. Then click back.

3)Click the device, get the screwdriver.

4) Move right twice, click on the yellow pillow, get the key.

5) Move right twice, click the aluminium foil.

6) Move right twice, take the screwdriver and click the metal plate below the red box. This gives you the red box.

7) Click on key and then on red box. Receive the knife.

8) Click on knife and then aluminium foil. Receives the sharpened knife.

9) Click on sharpened knife and then on the horizontal green book, receive tweekers.

10) Move right twice, click on the red part of the red eye, this will zoom in. (or use tab key). take tweekers and click red eye.

11) Click under the table (right next to the left leg) and receive duct tape (use tab key to find it otherwise).

12) Move left once. Use duct tape on wires.

13) Move right 4 times, click on magnetic box. Get master key.

14) Move right once. Click master key and click on door.

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