Good Night! Walkthrough

red puzzle piece
~on plate.
~b/w red and blue pens.
~on top of cage
~on leaf of tree.
(solve red frame picture)

blue piece
~on top of lamp

~(go to the screen on your left)
in outlet
~on doorknob
~bottom of christmas tree
~left side of christmas tree pot

yellow piece
~(in red frame picture once finished)
~(in blue pic frame)
~(in orange picture frame)
~left screen, if christmas tree is now decorated (will be done once a certain amount of frames are completed) click on top of tree, a star will fall. click on star.
~complete light blue pic frame for yellow piece and a code: 4649
~go to right screen, put 4649 into safe box on chair.

orange piece
~outside of pot that christmas tree is in
~in front of bookcase
~top shelf, whale picture
~third shelf, in book
~on leaf of lamp

light blue:
~by right leg of table
~hand of little girl drawing
~(right screen)
far right chair
~(in box in right hand screen. have to solve a couple picture frames before box appears)
~blue stocking on christmas tree

once you complete yellow pic frame, it gives you a key. click on cage and on lock to free rabbit.

Play Good Night!

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