Idiot Test 2 Walkthrough

"Stupid" rank:
1. Click the triangular prism? Should not be hard. The orange thing.
2. Don't press anything, wait 'till the screen moves to the next.
3. Type "I like Grapes" WITHOUT the quotes.
4. Easy?
5. Easy?

"Dumb" rank:
1. Press the biggest X.
2. Don't push the button, wait 'till it moves to the next screen.

"Average" rank:
1. Press the happy face once, then number 4 two times.
2. Quickly press triangle.
3. Press the triangle once, then the rectangle and then the circle.

"Smart" rank:
1. Press the Biggest 4.
2. Press the smallest 4, then the largest, and then the smallest.
3. Press square three times
The circle once
The "4" twice

"Crazy Smart" rank:
1. Press happy face two times
Sad face once
Square four times
Number 4 twice

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