Junior's Christmas - Give Junior His Present Walkthrough

1. Wait your turn in line like a good little boy until you can play.
2. Pick up the rug and toss it out of the window(we won't need that anyway)
3. Use the key you find under the rug to unlock the brown cabinet.
4. Knock on the bird house to bring out our good friend use the feather or knife to open the jar of cookies for him.

5. Move the bird to the monkey so he can have a nice holiday hug. Remove his tail feather and tickle the elf with it.
6. Use the key you get from the elf to open the circut box and flip the switch also you'll find a hammer which you can use to open the box with the scissors.
7.Use the scissors to cut the ribbon that keeps you from santa.
8. Move the birdseed(behind the elf) onto the shelf that drops up and to the right of santa also move the bird so that he can have a good meal.
9.Move the plate onto the pole that had a globe on it before but since it's now broken it's a great place to put milk and cookies.
10. Feed santa and get your gift.

Play Junior's Christmas - Give Junior His Present

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