Koala's Journey 2006 Walkthrough

part 1
-click on koala
-click down ant talk to mailman
-read the card and then go right
-talk to devil and go left (if you don't talk to him you can't continue the game)
-continue going left and stop when you see the car
-click on car and after arriving look at prices on travel agency
-continue going left and look at tickets price
-go left and click on buildings and talk to the seal
- go back to house and take clothes,shoes,penny,sack
-go to cloth shop and buy gloves (draw gloves to shop owner when you have penny on your inventory)
-talk to seal again and say yes

part 2



- go to your inventory and give him shoes, jacket, hat, earmuffs, gloves (do it on this order)
- go left and talk to penguin (he will give you a part of the code and key)
- go right and continue going til you find red car
- open it with key
- go out of the car and click on the red arrow
click 2 times on the snow, take earmuffs,hat and place snowman on your head
- put hat and earmuffs back and pick blue gun
- code to the train:2015141518200816151205 (its difficult to explain)
- go to inventory and click blue gun (shoot the comets)
- enter taxi's house
- take off gloves and jacket and click pocket to give letter to the bear
- click on the phone and after the call put back jacket and gloves
- after all that get out of the house
- talk to the tired dog
- change koala's and dog places (sit dog and put koala on the dog's place)
- click on the snow and when you're in take all the koala's clothes
-put hats on the dogs (red hat on grey dog, blue hat on brown dog, green hat on tired dog)
- put the yellow hat on koala
- click on door
- talk to everyone (except santa)
-click 2 times on the table to appear cake
- click the 3rd time
-talk to santa
-click on present
- click on cake piece
-give santa costumes to the dogs and to you
-click on the door to go out
put dogs and koala on the sledge
-first click on taxi and click on chimney and on sock
- next go to penguin house and click on chimney and on sock
- next click on whale and dolphin and on socks
- next click on seal and on sock
-next click on cloth shop and on sock and on travel's agency
- next its platypus ticket and click on socks
- next its devil and click again on sock
-next its postman and click on sock
-finally go to koala's house and take koala from the sledge
-give back the santa costume
-click on the tree
-give present to koala and do jogsaw puzzle
-click special ending if you want to
-the end

Play Koala's Journey 2006

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