Mr. Codcheeks and the Haunted House Walkthrough

1) Click on the front door
2) Click first door on right and then click the middle towel on the third shelf
3) Go back and click first door on left
4) Go in and click door on right
5) Click on clock and then click on clock face
6) Go back twice and then click on double doors
7) Click on candle and then go in secret door
8) Click on the wooden board and then click on the butler
9) Go back and ignore the door on the left and click the door on the right
10) Click the door on the right and then click on the door handle
below the picture
11) Click the top drawer of the dresser
12) Do NOT click the girl - go back
13) Click the door on the left and then it's handle
14) Click the table with the book and then go back
15) Click the blue book on the middle left shelf that says 'clue'
16) Go through the door
17) Click doorway on left and go upstairs
18) Click the globe and then click the telescope
19 Go back three times and then click on the doorway on the right
20) Click on the orchard sign
21) Click on the door with the bone X and then click to go on
22) Click the branch the crow is sitting on and then click go back
23) Click on the graveyard sign
24) Hover over the second from the right gravestone to get another clue
25) Click the mausaleum door
26) Click the light stand on the wall on the left and then go in
27) Click go on again and then click the first, third, and fifth boards
28) Click the left doorway and then go on
29) Click the left door again and then go on
30) Click the letters O-R-D-U-N
31) Click the door and ignore the treasure chest by clicking the
stairwell to the right
32) Click the next strairwell and come to the armory
33) DON'T touch the sword
34) Click the shield and then go up the stairs
35) Click on the box with levers on the left
36) Click the lever with the moon symbol and then click go on

Subbed by Becca

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