M's Room Walkthrough

I go step further and look back.
I mind two people and look back.
Calm down without being eager without hurrying.

Solitary the fifth number said in this way.
Please give me a friend.
A friend same as me.

Come both together.
Because you are same as me with both.

Explanation of Fibonacci series

I make a number of the key to safe a code and save it in the media.

Please decode it to see it if you forget it by any chance.

θ milk
ε recycling
λ book
φ doll

 100( 2θ÷λ )+( θ÷10) +200
 I do φε of the above

I report check / test result of the load measuring instrument which had you depend the other day.
The first load measuring instrument result:
 A gap occurs for a measurement result by damage of inside part.
I contact you as soon as a part is completed.

The second load measuring instrument result:
 There is not a problem in particular.

milk is 120 yen

There are four escape ways in this game. Then there may be the item which you don't use.

Play M's Room

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