MuseLock Walkthrough

1. Take the paper(no need to read)
2. Take the can in basket
3. Find the little secret place on armchair and take the box
4. Find the projector controller on the wall and press bulb sign

5. Press left or right arrow one by one and check the sign on projector screen. U must write them. These signs will be used for solve the code.
6. And take the controllers cover.
7. Take the yellow key under the doormat
8. Open door with this key. But never try to go out.
9. Press up arrow which is near on Projector screen. PS will be open
10. Select the paper and put it somewhere on electric panel.
11. Pour out the can in paper. The fuse will be burn.
12. Now u must solve the puzzle on up.
13. To solve the puzzle: Press the balls 9-5-1-3-7 and lock ball. electric panel will be open
14. Take the burned fuse
15. Select the box on yor items
15. open the box with using the burned fuse
17. Take the black key in box
18. Go under the table
19. find the bomb box
20. Open it with black key. and only remove the cover
21. Remove the red wire from white explosive
22. Take a part of white explosive
23. Remove the box
24. Place the yellow key to box place.
25. Put the explosive on the lantern which there is an UV bulb inside it.
26. Put the procector cover to the second projector commander
27. Go to the near of electric panel. There is a cover where near the up arrow which u pressed for open the PS. Open it and take the fuse.
28. Put the fuse on the left slot on electrc panel
29. Go to the second projector controller and press bulb sign. Bomb will burst.
30. Take the UV bulb
31. Put the UV bulb on lamb where placed on table. And press the switch to light it.
32. Go to the colorfull arts.
33. Ops. Is there a code here? yes.
34. Find the number of signs from the list u have. I said that "u will use them" on step 5.
35. write the code to panel.

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