Paparazzi Walkthrough

-first put the signs on the correct places (red to red,yellow to yellow, green to green)
-click on sewers 2 times
-pick camera
-click again on sewers

-quickly click on trash so the cat sees the fish
-click on tire (the right one)
-click on capot (something like that) so it falls on the VIP's head
-take photo

part 2

-click on button and quickly on window from the building
-click on poster so it attracts the girls attention
-go in

part 3

when guy is sleeping- take umbrella
- click on 1st,4th,5th switches and on lever
- click on lift
- click on match box and use it on fire alarm
- use umbrella and click door

level 2
-click on cat
-click on camera

part 2
-click ladder and climb up
-click bucket
-click lift
-click VIP (I think its Paris Hilton)

Play Paparazzi

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