Revenge for Sonia Walkthrough

-in the foyer flashlight and blue card in one jacket.
-the blucard is the key for the first room on the right after the double door.
-in the room you find a dvd under the nightstand.
-room with the the need a password to get the key of the office upstairs from the glass of the lady.

-in the big room you get a mirror and you write down the name of the horses.the initials of these give you a male name.
-in the veranda.there are signs on the column.number them from 1 to 8 left to right.
-in the cellar you get wines.palce them on the counter in alphab.order.
-read the year.add the numbers of each year's bottle.6 bottles six letters...the password of the picture.
-get the key form the glass of the lady.
-go to the red dot and use the mirror
-8 signs.number them following what you got in the veranda.
-go up and use pc.the password is the male name obtained from the names of the horses initials.
-the safe has 8 buttons. clokwise from 1 to 8.
-push following the code that you got fro the red dot.
-close safe and open it again.
-go on alone.

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