Room Escape 2 Walkthrough right and open bottom drawerthen close it and you get a note. left and click the note at the bottom right corner of screen. turn fan off. on the upper left side of the plants pot (just below the black line) to see behind the pot click the switch.

4.turn left twice and pick up paper then click the piece that you just picked up and click the other piece to combine them.

5.turn left and enter code in computer9(code is 431786)(code maybe different each time).

6.turn right and pick up paper turn right again and select the paper you picked up and click the playstation and get key.

7.turn right twice and unlock box then take red rod and gray rod.

8.turn right and select red rod from inventory and click odd three circle picture to zoom in and click top circle.

9 click back and turn right then above the words to face fan. select the silver rod and click fan blades to find blue rod take the rod then go back.

10.go to the three circle picture and put blue rod in the left circle.

11.turn left and click the lower right side of the trash can to read clue (it maybe a little tricky to find) once you find it turn to halo picture and click the green "grass" on the left side and leave screen the go back and the picture will be up and you will see a green rod.

12.take it and put it with the red and blue rod in the last spot open. go to door click it and your out!

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