Shrek 2 Walkthrough

Location of the 8 ingredients:

The Forest
1. Head Trail - Click puss to cause him to cough up a fur ball then collect it.
2. Stream - Click a mushroom then pick it up.

The Castle
1. Dining Room - Pint to Shrek and pick up the wishbone he coughs up.
2. Table Head - Point to the fish, the flying axe will chop the head off.

The Poison Apple Pub
1. Entrance - Point to the boar head over the door and pick up the horn that drops off.
2. Bar - The "barmaid's" mole

Ritzy Drive
1. Ritzy Drive - After the dove has crashed into the palm tree pick up the feather that's dropped.
2. Rapuzel's Tower - Point to the end of Rapunzel's braid and pick it up when it's stopped dancing.

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