SSSG4 - Super Sneaky Spy Guy 4: The Ultimate Adventure Walkthrough

knight watchman: talk to knight get red key


billiard room: move pic at the back twice get red gem
master room: hit pillor not attached to wall get clue
library:the book in left corner click the red say yes

too often

blue key
queens room:


piece off paper
tea room:flashlight
conference room:


get spy glass
memory hall: use spy glass on what looks like a cross on back wall compass
garden: talk to the statue she give u her name


rock hall:


green gem to the left
study: lighter off table
celler:black key and heads name but could not find it got that from another post
main dinning room: light candle with lighter get gold key
twin knights:clue to guest room
guest room:


white gem from under bed
artisan room:hint for purple gem
red hall: purple gem its in the glass caminate
master room: blue gem on table
servant dining hall:black gem in what looks like the safe on back wall
treasure room: click all gems on to there place click the blue thing u find the flute ur out the end

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