SSSG5 - Super Sneaky Spy Guy 5: The Secret Treasure Walkthrough

get remote in the table living room
get key under the the pillow in bedroom 3
get hanger in master bathroom.on the floor left side.
get swimsuit daytime i think
get the flippers at bedroom5 day the box next to the lampshade
get the silver key at the pool

get screwdriver at the table at the exit
get black key at the middle painting.the loose painting
bedroom 1: 21.5
bedroom 2: sailboat
click scroll in bedroom 4 in the table near the bed
get shovel in the patio must be day time
dig in the sand during day time
get gold key in the dining table during night.
go to the movie room open the chest and get the goggle.
go to the beach at night get the green bottle on the right. go to bedroom1 at day time and click on the scope answer to the scope puzzle is salt..

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