SSSG6 - Super Sneaky Spy Guy 6: In Escape Fate Walkthrough

1. Pick up the rope.
2. Go left, go straight on 2 times and pick up the map.
3. Go straight ahead twice more into the cave.
3. Click one of the light to get a clue.
4. Go back 6 times and go left. Click the sign thing and the red button to get a clue. Enter the answer to get a gold key. (all lower case)
5. Go ahead twice and use the key to unlock the raft.

6. Go back twice, right once and then straight ahead 6 times. Go left and then straight ahead 3 times.
7. Use the raft to go straight ahead to reach the house.
8. Go ahead twice and then up to the right. Click the shopping list on the table for a clue.
9. Go right, go back into the living room. Slide the fruit bowl to reveal a clue.
10. Go left into the kitchen and then go up and to the right. In the corridor go into the right hand bedroom. Go right into the bathroom and get the pills from the sink top.
11. Go back 5 times, go up and right, go back 7 times, go right, go back 6 times, go right, right again cross the log and enter the shack by going straight on.
12. Get the magnet then go left and get the tape from the bed.
13. Go all the way back to the house and go to the kitchen (I'm not writing down all the directions again!)
14. From the kitchen go left and up into the guest room.
15. Slide one of the pictures from the wall and fix the electrical connectors with the tape.
16. Go back to the kitchen and then right. You'll need the password to get into the guy's room. The shopping list will give you a clue.
17. From the bedroom go straight on and get the red key from the jaccuzi.
18. Yep, you've guessed it, go all the way back to the shack and use the red key to get a piece of the statue from the oven.
19. When you're back to the house go to the kitchen again.
20. Go up and right and left into the Den.
21. Pick up the piece of statue from the table.
22. Go up and left by entering the password. The fruit bowl was the clue.
23. Use the magnet to get the last piece of the statue.
24. Go back to the main bedroom, put the statue on the pedestal and get the car key.
25. Go back to the pond and then go up and right and click the car to finally escape.

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