SSSG8 - Super Sneaky Spy Guy 8: In New York Walkthrough

Here we go...
1)get room reservation from lady at airport
2)pick up your dropped wallet on the escalator
3)grab your bag and the roll of money from baggage claim
4)enter pin 1315 in ATM (on credit card in wallet under VISA symbol)
5)take taxi to Carlyle Hotel

6)give reservation # from card: 841254
7)get log in code and note from room
9)get code from bathroom mirror
10)talk to waiter at breakfast
11)remove pic from back wall at buffet to get blue ticket
12)take taxi to 432 Vine Street
13)enter elevator code from bathroom: 73526
14)take map and enter log-in code to computer (the number of sides for each shape in ascending order as numbered): 768
15)go out to street and start moving up; at the magazine stand take the green ticket
16)turn right to Carnegie Hall and go to where musicians are; take subway ticket part from door on their right
18)go to Rockafeller Centre and read inscription; take fishing pole from the statue of Atlas (in the globe)
19)go to Museum; in lobby look up and get 2nd part of subway ticket from ceiling
20)go right to knight statue and take a quarter from the horse's bridle
21)go up and get clue from female statue; as well as down and get another clue from middle painting
22)go to Central Park and turn left; move piece of marble from Hans Christen Anderson statue for cell phone
23)continue left, move piece of rock by water to find red gem
24)go back and to the right to find painter; answer "Earl James" for third subway ticket part
25)go to Empire State building and at the plaque click the "N" on the compass for final part of ticket
26)use qurter to look out sight seeing thing and get time off Statue of Liberty
27)go to Chinatown and Liu's Market and get fish off front of display
28)use the fish and fishing pole in Central Park where it says a nice place to fish and get telescope
29)go past the bridge to the left and look through telescope at castle to get code: 135 3199
30)in Grand Central Station look at 5:23 to Bridgeport then answer riddle
31)Crysler Building is #135; in right hand locker enter 3199 to get gem
32)at the bull in the financial district go ahead once more for a different angle and get pulley
33)on subway car click around the ads up top to get business card
34)put garbage in can at Battery Park and get the cable
35)go left and answer riddle (Zeus) to get red ticket
36)go right and read note from Rupert; should have everything to proceed
37)at Statue of Liberty go up stairwell and put words in order "oh say can you see"
38)at the top take your four coloured tickets out and match them up to the correct window; you find out the final gem is in the torch
39)once back on ground use the cell to call the helicopter service fromt he business card
40)take green gem
41)once back to the Museum use pulley and cable to lower yourself
42)put the gems back in their correct spots at the Temple of Nebka (final room in Museum)
43)take the car key and head to the red car in Rockafeller Centre
44)open items and use key on car; when aked if you're forgetting something garb your bag...

... and YOU'RE DONE!!

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