SSSG9 - Super Sneaky Spy Guy 9: The Search For The Undescovered Treasure Walkthrough

1. Click and drag the picture from the wall of your hotel room to get the first block of gold
2. Go south and go eat to meet with Sylvia who'll explain what the game is all about.
3. GO west and south to leave the hotel and then go east to go to "downtown Cairo.
4. Pick up the coin that's on the street

5. Go north and note the clue on the balcony on the left hand side (the three numbers)
6. Go west to the candy seller. She'll ask if you now what her brother likes, the answer is 'chewing gum' and in return she'll give you some gum.
7. GO west and south south. Click the boy in the green jumper (clue) and then click the chewing gum and 'give' it to him.
8. The code for the box is 'Thoth' (I'll explain later) but open the box and get the artifact.
9. Go south and east.
10. Line up the pointers on the three moveable disc so they point to the numbers on the balcony. The answer is 243 (from the top) when they're in the right position you should hear a magic noise.
11. Go west and collect the sack that has now appeared.
12. Go north, north and then east to the camel rider.
13. Click on the camel and say 'yes' that you want a ride. YOu'll need to give the rider the coin in order for him to take you.
14. In the desert, click the sack and then fill it with sand by clicking in the sand in the foreground. (you'll need to close the box with the items to do this)
15. Attempt to go north and then return to your hotel room.
16. Get the silk curtain to use a head protection in the desert, but you cannot do this until you've tried to go north in the desert.
17. DOn't go straight back to the desert but from 'downtown Cairo' go north and north again to the temple.
18. Select the sack of sand and then click the pedestal next to the gold block. You can then collect the gold block.
19. Go back to the desert and then go north to the Ancient Temple.
20. Go west and then north to the Hieroglyphics. Click all four moveable sections to get the statue of Ra.
21. Go south, east and then north to the statue of Horus.
22. Go north (not on the map) and put the artifact in the hole on horus's head. Collect the last gold block.
23. Go south and west and then put all three gold blocks in the holes, get the key in return.
24. Go west, south and east then get the staff by clicking the circular switches in the columns on the left and right.
25. Go west, south and east to the Sphynx.
26. Go north, north and north again, unlock the gate with the key.
27. Go north three times again and then put the staff in the circular hole to the right hand side.
28. Go north and slide the wall to the side and go north again.
29. Collect the artifact and go all the way back to Sylvia.
30. Go to the museum and win

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