Try to Escape from Snowy Japanese Room Walkthrough

- Take the card/key from the pile of snow.

- Select the key and go to the safe. Click on the card slot on the left and then on the key hole on the right.

- Take the cat out of the safe, select it and click 'about item.' Then click on the cats tail and it will enlong. click it again and it will come off.

- Select the cat tail and click on the jug on top of the book case and it will fall off and appear in you itinery.

- Highlight the jug and click on the pile of snow. It will fill with water. Then, highlight the cat and click 'about item,' and click on the book that the cat is sat on. It should turn over.

- While the lizard is still visable, highlight the jug and click on the lizzard and a hook will appear. Take it.

- Highlight the tail and click about item. While it is still on the screen, highlight the hook and click near the top of the tail and they will combine.

- Go to the book case with the tail/hook combination and click on the books in the book case and they should fall on the floor. Take the statue behind the books.

- Go to the view where your facing the book case head on and click on the books. Then click on the clickable area to the right of the book case. In between the book case and the square container.

- The hook will appear but bent out of shape. Take it.

- Highlight the jug and click on the snow again. Then click on the top of the container and it should start to fill up.

- Do this untill the box is at the top and then take it. Open it and you get a sword.

- You can then use the sword to get into the bottom of the book case and also you can give it to the statue.

- Fill the sword case with snow and then give the statue the sword.

- Icons will start to appear at the top and the room will start to get cold. Wait untill the fith count and quickly open the sword case and take out the sword and then quickly take the sword off of the statue and the room will return to normal.

- Highlight the sword and click 'about item' and then select the cat and click on the edge of the sword and it will take the ridge off.

- Go to the book case and put the ice sword in the slot and then go through. Put the statue in the hole and give it the sword.

- You will be given a large sword and then will be able to put items back where they came from.

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