Virtual Villagers: A New Home Walkthrough

#1 get a trainee builder to clean the well #2 build a hut #3 clean the ocean debris #4 get a shool with your master scientist(in the large hut front of the research table) #5 get a lvl 2 construction

and clear away the rocks blocking the creek #6 prepare a master farmer and drag it in the lagoon it may cath a magical fish #7 get a upgrade in spirituality and make a graveyard beside the blocked cave #8 examine all the plants you can find #9 water the strange patch in the field #10 the fruitless plant will become a fruit of life!!! use the golden child (i will tell you about that later) drag the golden child in the garden and drag it again in the fruitless plant and done #11 build a ruins #12 create a idol out of a giant rock #13 i think place a girl villager that is carrying a baby make them swim in the lagoon and the child will become a golden child #14 call the butterflies in the garden by using your golden child drag it to the garden #15 i dont know it still?! #16 when the golden child appeared,wait until the villagers saw what is happening to the golden is using magic to unlock the cave

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