Wanpa Quest 3 Walkthrough

1. On the first screen "fire" the poster of Papa to reveal a hole.
2. Click under the sofa in the centre to reveal a battery.
3. On the same screen click on the underside of the sofa to reveal a little shovel.
4. Click to the left hand side of the sofa to reveal a bit of metal.
5. Open the fridge to get a lemon.

6. Open the freezer compartment and "fire" the ice to reveal a clue.
7. You can also look in the Milk tin to reveal another clue.
8. Go to the left and search to two unlocked drawers to get two pieces of paper.
9. Click the picture and then "punch" it to reveal some electrical connectors.
10. Click between the phone and the "pot" to lok behind the pot and you'll get a blue piece of paper.
11. Go left and face the sink.
12. Click the bottom left hand side of the sink to get a red key.
13. Click the nail the key was hanging on to get that as well.
14. Face the sink again and use the red key to open the cupboard under the sink.
15. Get the knife. Use the knife to cut the lemon in half.
16. Go left and pick up the piece of wood on the floor.
17. Use fire on the wood to burn it and then use the burnt wood on the round piece of paper. You should draw a clock face.
18. Go left twice to face the door.
19. Using the clock face enter the time into the digital clock on the door.
20. Open the door and get the coin.
21. Put the coin and the bit of metal you found into the half lemon.
22. Attach the connectors to the lemon and hey presto, you have a battery.
23. Go left twice and look at the back of the mirror to show the battery compartment. Insert the battery and the lemon/battery. You should get a torch.
23. Go back to the door and enter it. Use the torch to reveal a light switch on the top right hand side and turn it on.
24. Get the ribbon out of the box and then look behind the box for a pink bit of paper.
25. Turn the light off and then leave the room behind the door.
25. Go to the hole just above the cot and insert the torch into the hole.
26. Go back and open the door again and a phone number should be revealed on the wall.
27. You can now use the phone (you don't need to enter the number just click it). After your phone call to the monster you can go up the stairs to get another key.
28. Use this key to open the cupboard under the stove to get some more milk powder.
29. Go to the sceen with the mirror and use the ribbon to get the key behind the mirror.
30. Use this key to open the bottom drawer to get a baby bottle.
31. Go to the sink and click the tap to turn on the water. Fill the bottle.
32. Focus in on the pot on the stove and put the bottle in the pot (it won't actually appear to go in)
33. Add the milk powder to the bottle and you should end up with a bottle of milk.
34. Focus in the on the baby monster and give it the milk. He'll give you a key in return. Click around the baby with the knife and you'll get a white piece of paper.
35. Go the sceen with the mirror. The list of 5 links gives you a clue here.
36. The third link down shows pictures of lots of monsters, each with a number. Find the monsters that appear on the pieces of paper you've collected.
37. Go to the keypad on the wall and work out the formula. B=Blue so its the number of the monster than appears on the blue bit of paper multipled by the orange one multiplied by the pink one minus the number of "fires" you have left.
38. Put the key the baby gave you into the key pad and enter the number you've worked out. Collect the box.
39. Face the baby and get the torch back from the hole.
40. Go back into the room behind the door and switch on the light.
41. Open the trap door.
42. OK the solution to the final puzzle is all about Japanese Chess called Shogi. Basically the clue in the freezer shows the moves that a figure called the "silver general" can make. The puzzle in the trapdoor requires you to enter the moves the pices the "king" and the "golden general" can make.
43. If you can't be bother to google all this then the king can move in every direction so fill in all the boxes to red and the golden general can move in all directions apart from bottom left and bottom right.
44. Use the small shovel to dig in the dirt and get another box.
45. Focus on the second box and use the wooden nail to pick the lock. Get the wind up key.
46. Focus on the first box and turn it over then insert the wind up key into it.
47. Finally give the "music box" to the baby.

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