Wanpa Quest 4 Walkthrough

1. Move right and zoom in on the poster.
2. Click the tape holding up the poster and then collect the 'ice' key behind. You may have already found you can remove the poster by using 'fire' but this destroys the key which you cannot get back.
3. Move back left and use the key to open the cupboard under the sink. Collect the baby's bottle and the milk powder.

4. Zoom in on the sink and then look down into the plug hole to get a pink key.
5. Go back so you're looking at the sink, click to turn the tap on and then 'fill' the bottle with water.
6. Move to the cooker and zoom in on the pot. Fill the pot with the water in the bottle.
7. Click the button under the pot and then 'fire' the pot to heat it.
8. Fill the bottle back up with the water and then use 'about item' to focus in on the bottle, and then use the milk powder with it to make a bottle of warm milk.
9. OK, move back right and use the pink key to open the bottom drawer on the desk. Get the piece of wire.
10. Open the top drawer to get a piece of paper and then look under the front and the side of the desk to get two more clues.
11. 'About Item' on the piece of wire and then use 'fire' to make a straight hook.
12. Move right and open the two unlocked drawers to collect a clue and read a clue.
13. Focus in on the flower pot. Click the right hand side to get another clue.
14. 'About item' on the colourful piece of paper and fit the red shape and the dark grey shape into the missing holes.
15. Focus in on the clock. Click around the right hand side to turn it over and collect the battery.
16. Search under the top shelf (the one holding the cream cake with an orange on top?) and get another battery.
17. Move right and search under the left hand machine to get a coin.
18. Put the coin in the machine and then focus in on the top of the machine.
19. Give the machine a punch to start it. You now need to make the ball bounce to the other side my first moving the two platforms and then timing the release of the ball so it bounces across. It might take a couple of goes, but it's pretty easy.
20. When you get the 'clear' message zoom out and collect the 500ml pot from the machine.
21. Move back right to the kitchen. Use the hook to get the key mould from between the fridge and the cooker.
22. Move to the sink, fill the mould and then put it in the freezer and wait a turn.
23. Collect the mould from the freezer, 'about item' on it and then click it to release the key.
24. Use the key to open the cupboard under the cooker. Collect the toy car.
25. 'About item' on the car and click it till it turns over, open the battery compartment and fit the batteries.
26. Go back left and then zoom in on one of the 'mouse holes' in the wall and put the car in there. Watch the animation and then collect the 700ml pot that the car drags out.
27. Move back right to the sink.
28. OK, you've probably guessed by now you need to make a pot holding 400ml of water to release the safe. Here's how to do it.
a) Fill the 700ml pot from the sink and then pour this into the 500ml pot.
b) Empty the 500ml pot by pouring it down the sink.
c) Put the remaining 200ml from the 700ml pot into the 500ml pot.
d) Refill the 700ml pot again.
e) Fill the 500ml pot with the 700ml. Remember only 300ml will fit in, leaving 400ml in the 700ml pot! PHEW
f) As a tip, if you 'about item' any of the pots the japanese writing will tell you the capacity followed by the current amoun tyou have in there.
29. Go back left and put the 700ml pot (with the 400ml water) in the hole ontop of the safe.
30. Open the safe and get the electrical connector.
31. Go left and fit the electrical connector to the keyboard.
32. OK the tune you need to play is 'GAEE' so if you number the keys from the left it's 5, 6, 3, 3
33. Zoom out and get the oranage key.
34. Go right twice and use the key to open the cupboard about the sink. Collect the screwdriver.
35. Click the cord to stop the fan and then zoom in on it. Use the screwdriver to remove the cover and collect the fan itself.
36. Move right to the red door and zoom in on the hinges, use the screwdriver to remove them and move into the second room.
37. Watch the animaton (if you want) lord only knows what's happening!
38. When it's finished you should be in the nursery.
39. Move left and zoom in on the toy brick house. Collect another piece of paper.
40. Move left and zoom in on the left side of the TV unit and get another bit of paper.
41. Move left and you should just be able to see and white shape on the wall under the calendar. Click it repeatedly to reveal a secret tunnel back into the first room.
42. Let the animation finish and you should get a blue key in the inventory. Use it to open the bottom locked drawer on the chest of drawers.
43. Open the drawer and get the flashlight.
44. OK here's the tricky code thing!!!
45. Move right and focus in on the pin board on the wall. Notice how each poster is of a different colour and they are in a sort of clock arrangement.
46. 'About item' on the fan, click it to turn it over and then match the symbols with the colours of the poster. So red is the sqaure, blue is the plus sign, green is the two circles etc.
47. Then think about the 4 notes you have found, see how they all represent a number, so the single circle = 6, the downward pointed triangle = 4 etc.
48. Now think of the code you found in the drawer, RPG BOY. So by combining the letters with the colours of the poster, with the symbols on the fan, with the values on the pieces of paper you should end up with a sum of 237 + 64. Convert this to binary and you get 100101101.
49. Face the code box in the wall and zoom in. Put the torch in the black hole.
50. From this side, click the third and the forth buttons.
51. Click 'change' to move to the other side and zoom in on the black hole.
52. The torch will light up the buttons from the other side. Click the first, second and fifth buttons (from the left)
53. Click 'ok' and watch the final animation.

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