Wogger - New Levels Walkthrough

Turn off all the stars
On the dial, select the numbers that are in red on the newspaper
Pick up the match and hold the flame
Click the top left of the paper – the spider goes over there
Click the star above the spider
Pick up the web and spider from the star

Put on top middle star
Pick up again and put to the right star
Pick up again and put to bottom slightly right star
Pick up again and put to bottom slightly left star
Pick up and put back to first star
You should have a spiders web
Click on the spider
Click the middle of the web
Click the spider
Click the middle of the web – you pick up a glowing thingy
Light the lantern
Pick the spider up from top of the web
Put the spider on the fan
Click the red button middle of the pole under the fan
Click the red button again – little dude lands
Click the red button again – the fan folds up
Click the green blob on the left middle of the island
Click the thing on the table
Take the fan off the raft and put it on top of the pole on the rocks
Click the red button on the raft pole
Water flows onto the island
Click the red button on the raft pole again
Click the wedge that has appeared under the island a couple of times until it opens
Click the platform that opens down – enter the hole
Walk thru the tunnel
Pick up the fly and put it in the top middle web
Bottom of the screen about 7 o’clock is a stick, pick it up
Almost in front of the dudes nose is a lever, switch it
Hop in the submarine
Click the rope the sub is hanging from
As the sub sinks, click on the sub as it reaches the right water passage
Move the arrows under the sub to all point right – sub moves
Open the hatch on the sub
Move the top arrows like this:
 
 
Pick up the gold orb light
Put it in the middle thought bubbles
Move the right arrows to both face left
Click the web in front of the dude
Move the arrows again to face right
Click the top of the rope near fly
Dude is back on his planet
Click the rock with the barrel on it
Open the tap on the barrel – might need to do it a couple of times to water the tree so it blooms
Click the fly on the tree
Pick the apples and put them in the top of the barrel
Click the centre of the raft
Take the fan of the pole on top of rocks and put on raft pole
Click the anchor near butterfly
Light the lantern on the raft
Click the red button on the pole on the raft – twice
Pick up the anchor and drop it on the zipper to open the zip
Click the gassy stuff inside the zipper
As your sliding, click the bottom right snail – the bottom slide bit moves to the right and you land on a jellyfish.
Click the top left snail then the jellyfish the dude is standing on – this bit is timing and tricky.
Click that top left snail again then the jellyfish he is standing on to move him again
Pick up the star above his head and put it on the second jellyfish
Jump to the jellyfish in front of the dude, then the 2nd on the right, then straight ahead, then straight ahead, then straight ahead
Walk into the mouth of the cave
Go to the left of the last cog
Click the right red button on the swaying post to stop it
Click on the green stuff near the apples to move there
Pick up all 3 apples and put them in between the 4 cogs – tricky
Go back and turn the cogs on again to crush the apples
Open the door for the fish (?) – ugly isn’t he
Feed the crushed up apples to the fish
Pick up the dregs where the apples were on the ground
Put it on his island in his thought bubble
Wedge the barrel in the cogs where the apples got crushed
Go in thru the passage the fish was in
Pick up the bubble and put it on the dude – he floats off
Burst the bubble and climb up the road
Click the right branch as he starts swinging
Click the dude as he swings towards the branch and he jumps off
Click the dude – your done!

Play Wogger - New Levels

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