Idiot Test 3 Walkthrough

1. Solve the following problem - 32

2. Find "x" = 15

3. Blue from the third row, any yellow, green from the first row

4. Red from the third row, yellow from the first row, green from the second row, blue from the third row

And now, the second level... password's SMARTYPANTS

1. Click into the black edge of the playing area. Understood?
2. Green two times, yellow three times, blue one time and red one time

Don't press the red button, wait till the screen moves to the next. And now, the second level. Password's OH EM GEE. Click the cheese.

1. Press red square 1, then blue square 6, then green square 2

2. Press the BLUE button three times. The button turns red after you click it too times, and the small blue button appears in corner of the screen, click it instead of the red one. You don't have to be quick.

3. Again, don't push the red button, wait the next screen.

Now, the last level. Click the happy face twice, then cheese three times, then the blue square.

1. Press orange button twice
Blue button once
Red button three times
Yellow twice
Blue twice
and green once

You did it!

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