Nightmares Episode 3 Walkthrough

1. Take Rope and Key
2. Use Key with Closed Book on Floor
3. Klick Ladder
4. go north West
5. Take Glasses and use rope with Hand and go back

6. Go Left
7. Use Glasses with Cat, take feather
8. go Right book side
9. take Carrot, Wooden Arm and Snowman body
10. go back an left book side
11. Take hat 2stones snowball,hat and second arm.
12 Build snwoman (Body,chest,snowball, Stones carrot hat und teo arms.
13. go to other book side. Klick shovel
14. Go back into first room, Go right.
15 Solve push riddle. Use Shovel with glass
15 go to first room, do second way from left
16 Use Feather with feeds
17 Go Back and ready

Play Nightmares Episode 3

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