Nightmares Episode 4 Walkthrough

1. Take a orange key from the grating.
2. Use a orange key to open the padlock.
3. Go out and take a green key from the table.
4. Go left and use a green key to open a green padlock.
5. Go to the cell and find a secret passage under the poster.

6. Go right and take a red key from the grating. Remove the lever.
7. Go downstairs and take a flashlight.
8. Go to the upper right cell and use a flashlight. Take a coin, a sack and remember a red code.
9. Go out and turn left. Use a red key to open the left upper cell. There is nothing useful.
10. Use a sack on the rope. Catch the lizard then it’s on a sack.
11. Go downstairs and type a red code on the right side of the prison, near the chair.
12. Go to the left cell. Check the middle bed and remember a blue code.
13. Go out and type a blue code in the left blue circle.
14. Go to the hole and check the grating. Remember a green code.
15. Go out and turn right. Type a green code in the right circle.
16. Go to the hole and play „crazy finger twister code”.
17. Go back to the left hole and put the coin to the machine. Play the game.

Play Nightmares Episode 4

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