O Quarto Walkthrough

Go right once – turn on light
Zoom in on right front chair leg – red gem
Go right once – zoom under end of bed – note
Zoom under pillow – knife
Go right once – chemicals in drawer

Go right use knife on bottom of dresser (light spot) – take note and key
Use key on upper drawer – take not of picture
Zoom under dresser – blue gem
Left of dresser – laptop
Put 2 pieces of paper together
Zoom in on picture – look at paper for code
Take green gem from picture
Code for laptop: 3780
Click on chemicals – mix until you get vapor
Click on window – use vapor on window
Code from laptop for acid
2 drops red
7 drops green
9 drops yellow
10 drops purple
Code from laptop for Deoxidizer
5 drops red
3 drops green
4 drops yellow
16 drops purple
Look close at green stone – use acid
Look under corner of rug – click on antioxidant to combine (rust remover)
Use rust remover on bathroom door
Click on mirror – use vapor
Click on faucet spout – get key
Open shower curtain
Leave room, go left and turn off light
Go right and into bathroom – see X
Go out, left and turn on light
Go left once, use key on bottom drawer – get hammer
Go back to bathroom and use hammer where X was
Pick up blue gem by bathtub
Click on purple item in wall
Use gems to open safe – clockwise from top: Dark Blue, Green, Red, Light Blue, Yellow
Open safe and get key
Go out and use key on door
You’re out!

Play O Quarto

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