Restaurant Escape Walkthrough

1. In the first scene take chopsticks from the waiter. Give them to the girl at the table.
2. Click on the left to get to the next scene. Catch the steak in front of the cook. Open the microwave oven. Put the steak in the oven.
3. Two more scenes to the left. Make sure the two cooks are there. If not, go back to the previous screen, then return. Take a green chili from the dish that the cook on the left is stirring. Click the plate of the second cook. Put the chili in the plate.

4. Go to a different screen, then return to this on. If the cooks are not in, zoom the white column between them, take a knife behind the column. Use the knife on the lettuce in fron of the cook.
5. One screen to the left. Take a glass from the waiter. Give it to the man in this scene.
6. One screen to the left. Take a button from the waiter. Return to the scene with the waiter and a big fish. Give him the button.

Play Restaurant Escape

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