Escape the Phone Booth Walkthrough

1. Look at the phone in front of u, click it and pick up a STRING.

2. Press the coin return lever a few times (5 times is more then enuf) and u will hear somthing drop.

3. Look at the bottom of the phone ( the place where u will normally look for return coins) and pick up a SOCKET inside.

4. Click Right 3 times and pick up the BINOCULARS

5. From the same screen u pick up the binoculars, click left once.

6. Use the binoculars to look at the SIGN. Remember the Street Name.

7. Go back to the screen with the telephone

8. Click below, and pick up, Yellowpage an look carefully at the left side and click the little crack on the floor, u will pick up a COIN

9. COMBINE Coin with string. Now u can make multiple calls! 

10. 1st person to call, Data-tec, Phone Trace service (to find out which phone number u are calling from) 

11. 2nd person to call, electrician! NOTE the sentence written on the, NIGHT5 IS A BRIGHT IDEA I dunno wat it means, but seems to me the previous electrician has some form of bright idea.

12. They are close but will prompt u to key in ID followed by #. I guess the previous electrician’s ID should be helpful so key in 644485 (NIGHT5). Look at your phone number pad, you will understand.

13. Use the phone voice option to turn on the electrical supply to the booth. Choose 2 for service administration, key in phone number of your current location (for the lazy ones, its 2679532) and key 1 to turn it on.

14. Look up at the lamp. See a code, GUSH7.

15. From the screen with the phone, go right once and use your binoculars on the water feature, you will realize something is written below. Hmm…. How should I turn off the water? Well call them !

16. When u call them, will tell u close and ask u to key in password or smthg. Well the password is 48747 (GUSH7). Next ask them to switch off the water suppy, now they will ask u to key in the street name. (for those of u tat didn’t follow step 6 of my in walkthrough, the street name is ARCH street.) So key in 2724 and they will turn the water off.

17. Look at the water feature again. Realize it says, “no money 5675 return twice”. Took me awhile for this one but after thinking, well, go back to the phone.

18. This time without putting in the money, key in 5675 and press the coin return button twice. You will again hear something drop. Go back to the place u found the socket and grab a KEY from there 

19. Use the key on the BLUE box below the phone and u will get a screw driver without a socket. Combine the socket with the screw driver.

20. Click on the nuts on the phone (beside the red handle) use the socket screw on the nuts to remove them.

21. Zoom out, click on the red handle and a greenish box appears behind the phone!

22. Zoom in towards the box and well play a game!

23. The main clue for this game is stated on the puzzle, “THE WESTERN UNION, 1876”. Go goggle it and you will find the answer. But for the few of u lazy people, LOL, I have it written at the end of the walkthrough.

24. After you are done with the game, go to the screen with a latch on the door! Realized its now open?


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