Bamba Snack Quest Walkthrough

Bamba Snack Quest Walkthrough (Thanks to Kadi Vutt)

Part 1

1) Click on the branch next to the baby (on your right)

2) Pick up the branch

3) Click on the bee (up in the right corner) and quickly click on the red paint pot on the ladder (up left)

4) Pick up a orange (from the wagon on your left)

5) Dip it into the red paint

6) Click on the other branch

7) Cross the road

Part 2

1) Click on the red toolbox

2) pick up the secateurs

3) click on the green bush on your right

4) click on the crate

5) put the levers in right order to get the hook down (first in the middle, second & third lever in the first hole)

6) get out of the crane

7) click on the hook

8) get back into the crain and push the levers again to lift up the hook (first lever in first hole, second lever in the middle hole and third lever in last hole)

9) get out of the crain and turn off the water by clicking on the water tap (bottom right corner)

10) click on the hose

Part 3

1) Pick up the red thing and attatch it to the thing right next to the baby's head (on the right side of the hole)

2) move the pipe peaces so they are all connected

3) turn on the water by clicking the red thing

4) pick up some green leaves (on the floor, right under the baby's feet)

5) throw it into the water (click on the rock looking thing that is floating on the water)

6) take off the red thing and click on the tortoise

7) Put the red thing back on the wall (as you have gotten to the other side) and click on it

8) a key floats to the surface, pick it up

9) click on the padlock

Part 4

1) click on the shell that is next to the baby (it opens)

2) pick up a pearl

3) on a other stone there are two seashells, throw the pearl at the seashell that is on the left (a crab should run out of it)

4) take another pearl and throw it at the rock where there are two starfish on it (they should fall into the water)

5) jump on that stone

6) pick up the bottel

7) jump back to the big rock

8) now jump to the small rock next to the seashells

9) pick up the shell on your left

10) jump back to the big rock

11) pick up another pearl an throw it at the seashell on the right

12) jump back to the small rock and pick up the bottle and a stick with white string from the water

13) click on whale (up left corner)

Part 5

1) pick up grub ax

2) click on sand near the stone (bottom right)

3) click on monkey

4) click on the pot on your left (a bird comes and takes away the bone)

5) click on the hole near the chest (you get some berries)

6) throw them into the pot

7) get the birds blue feather (that fell on the ground)

8) tickle the snakes tail (click on itt with the feather)

9) take some more berries

10) throw them into the pot and quickly click on the monkey

11) bird trops the bone, pick it up

12) pick up a half of coconut

13) click on the guard

14) you see the seashells, shuffle them around until all the skulls are green

Part 6

1) click on the green crystal on the door where the baby entered

2) notice the spider up in the sealing

3) set the white crystals so that when you click on the spider the light will hit the green tentacle

4) now pick up the green crystal and place it in the statues hand

5) then flip the white crystals again so that the light would hit the green crystal

6) a staircase opens, go down

Part 7

1) click on the green vine right above the mushrooms

2) now click the mushrooms (start counting from the upper mushroom) 2,1,1,1,2,3 (so you see the green worm moving on hole by hole down the screen)

3) wait until the worm crawls into the nest and the bee has droped the worm into the flower

4) now push on the dragons head (his tounge will come out) quickly click on the flower (above dragons head)

5) click on the key and then on the door (the key won't reach)

6) so click on the dragons head again (he will bite through the chain)

7) pick up the key and open the door

Part 8

1) click on the dirty towel that is hanging on the right

2) throw it into the dirty clothes basket and wait until the the tentacle takes it and throws it on the machine

3) machine stops, walk across (push on the crate)

4) stop the turning circles so the black spots would be in line with the black stripes above

5) push in the golden spears

6) take the soap and cross over again

7) push the yellow button on the machine (up right)

8) pour the soap into the washing machine

9) take off the dirty towel from the roatating machin and throw into the washing machine

10) push the yellow button again and then push the

11) take the brush from the ground

12) push the red button (a panel opens under the washing machine) throw the brush in there

13) push the green button

14) push the yellow button and get the clean towel from the machine

15) click on the dirty laundry basket

The End

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