Escapers 02 Walkthrough

1. turn right and face picture. click on writing (it gives a clue for later).
2. zoom out. you should be facing the picture still. click upper right corner of picture, then click upper left corner of picture, then lower right corner of picture. picture should fall to the ground revealing a safe.
3. zoom in on safe. click bottom left corner of safe revealing a board. you cannot retrieve right now. we must find a rod.
4. zoom out from safe and turn right twice. you should be facing a couch. zoom in on couch. click on left seat cushion. click on rod frame under cushion. this should give you the rod we need to retrieve the board we found to the left of the safe.
5. head back to the safe and zoom in on it. click the bottom left of the safe and use the rod to retrieve the board. highlight the board in your inventory and click on it to turn it around revealing 2 digits. these are two of the four digits you need to unlock the safe.
6. go back to the couch and zoom in on the CD case stacker. click to lift the stacker then click underneath it. this should reveal the third number you will need to crack the safe.
7. zoom out until you get the far image of the couch. turn right once. you should now be facing some shelves with a box and a toy motorcycle on it. zoom in on the top portion of the shelves. click on the cone shaped device. click on the cone shaped device in your inventory until it opens revealing a retangular peg. click the peg. the peg should now be in your inventory.
8. zoom back in to the top portion of the shelves and click on the left side wall of the shelf. this should give you the fourth and last digit you need for the safe.
9. go back to the safe and put in your 4 digits (mine were 6852. not sure if it changes each game). open the safe and get remote.
10. use remote to open sliding glass doors. walk through doors and up to the tree. zoom in on base of the tree and pick up the rock.
11. zoom out from tree and click above tree. you should now be looking over a wall to the outside and the stars. click on rock then click on the stars. you should throw the rock over the wall. wait a few seconds and the rock should come flying back over the wall.
12. zoom out where you are looking at the tree again. turn right twice. you should now see where the rock landed. pick up the rock. it has broken into a plug.
13. go back through the sliding doors and over to the shelf with the toy motorcycle. click on the bottom portion of the shelves now. you should be looking at a box with four socket holes in it. place the rock/plug into the box. open the box and retrieve a part of a wrench.
14. highlight wrench part in your inventory and combine it with the retangular peg you retreived from the cone shape device. this should now give you a completed valve for the sink in the dark room.
15. go back through the sliding doors and over to the sink. click behind the sink until you get a view behind the sink revealing a square hole. place your valve into the hole. once the valve is placed correctly you should be able to click on it to drain the sink.
16. go back to the front of the sink and look at the basin. you should find a key.
17. take the key and open the big brown door. your free.

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