Heist 2 - Greed is Hell Walkthrough

- Go to the kitchen. Read paper, when X'd out a key will fall. Collect it.

- Go to the entrance hallway, open the Hallway door.

_ Look for the crowbar, it is randomly placed in one of three places: Next to the dryer in the utility room, In the room with the staircase, or upstairs on top of the couch.

- Go upstairs and click on the corpse to loot it, the phone will begin to ring, go back downstairs to the glass double doors. A real-time cutscene will occur followed by a death trap. To avoid death, simply hook the latch-lock on the glass doors.

- Go to the kitchen and use the crowbar on the top-right drawer, this will give you the upstairs hallway key.

- Go to the utility room and use the crowbar on the jammed washer lid. This will require four attempts, it will open on the fourth and the bathroom key is inside. Also check between the washer and dryer to collect a book of matches.

- Go the bathroom and collect the knife on the toilet & the bottle of pills on the sink. Proceed back upstairs.

- Go through the hallway door and take a right to a dark room. Pickup the floppy mysterious meat.

- Go back to the hallway and take a left to the main room. Use the knife on the stuffed animal, and collect the key inside.

- Use bottle of pills with the dog's bowl, then use the floppy mysterious meat with the dog's bowl.

- Enter storage room and pick up the gas can on the counter. Proceed back downstairs to the bathroom.

- Use the gas can with the stack of towels on the shelf, turn on the ceiling vent, then use the matches with the gas-soaked towels.

- Head back upstairs, enter the hallway and click on the keyhole on the door directly in front of you. After seeing the coast is clear, enter the room and pick up the paper fragment by the spider victim (The first of three fragments with numbers).

- Go back downstairs to the bathroom, collect the paper fragment on the ashy towel remains.

- Go back towards the room with the telephone, a cutscene will occur as you enter the room. The correct key sequence is: down, down, up, tap space rapidly.

- Pick up the paper fragment next to the (now official, hehe) corpse. Now go to the hallway and use the crowbar on all four nails in each corner of the painting, then use it on the painting itself. Now operate the safe.

- Enter the combination according to the paper fragments collected (from top to bottom). Also note that the combination is random every time you begin a new game.

- Exit through front door and that's it!

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