Waiting Room Escape Walkthrough

first... as you get something, click on it on the items list to obtain it. after it you can use them.

1. lets collect some stuff
flashlight under the bookshelves
memobook on the 2nd bookshelf
take the knife as well from the back of the banch... its hard to find, look carefully
2. click on the flashlight - turn on - then you can take a jar from the left dark corner in the fireplace.
3. with the knife you can take a hammer from the picture on the wall
4. take tha hammer to brake the jar.
5. you got a magnifying glass. use it on the memo book.
6. click on the bucket as the memo said.
7. got key. obtain it. click on the door (window) and you are out..

somehow you can take the red pod with you as suvenir but cant remember how i made it first time :D

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