Pokémon Silver Walkthrough

Pokémon Silver; Walkthrough,FAQs, and Guides,cheats

Heh heh... you finally found it didn't you? My most ambititous project
ever... a FAQ/Walkthrough for Pokemon Gold/Silver. Uh huh... I bet you're
proud. Now for some, Pokemon is a demon seed, and any Pikachus should be
shot on sight. I agree with the last part, but Pokemon is probably the most
complex game ever released for Game Boy. Now, on with the show.

Table of Contents:

1) Revision History
2) Copyright
2a) Webmaster Instructions
3) FAQs
4) Walkthrough
5) Pokédex
6) Movesets by Ibuki
7) Miscellaneous Information
7.1- Those (radio edit) Mystical Beasts
7.2- Game Corners
7.3- TM and HM Descriptions
7.4- Breeding
7.5- Happiness Evolution
7.6- Move Listing
7.7- Type (Dis)Advantages
7.8- Items
7.9- Weekly Calendar
7.10 - Team Strategy
8) Tips and Tricks
9) For the cheaters in the crowd... (Gameshark/Game Genie Codes)
10) Conclusion

There isn't any walkthrough for this game now. If you have a walkthrough you can send it by clicking here.

Pokémon Silver Walkthrough

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