Zelda II for NES Walkthrough

I. Introduction II. North Castle III. Rauru IV. Rauru Cave V. Desert VI. Palace IVII. Rauru Cave IIVIII. Rauru IIIX. South Cave X. North Cave XI. Ruto XII. South Ruto Cave XIII. Eastern Swamp Marsh XIV. Path to Saria XV. Saria XVI. Death Mountain Maze XVII. Western Swam Caves XVIII. Western Swamp Caves IIXIX. Medicine Cave XX. Mido XXI. Palace IIXXII. Road to Palace IIIXXIII. Palace IIIXXIV. East Docks XXV. West Docks XXVI. Nabooru XXVII. Nabooru Cave XXVIII. Island Maze XXIX. Darunia XXX. Island Maze IIXXXI. Palace IVXXXII. Palace VXXXIII. Devil's Path XXXIV. Search for New Kasuto XXXV. New Kasuto XXXVI. Old Kasuto XXXVII. Palace VIXXXVIII. Road to the Great Palace XXXIX. Great Palace XL. Ending

There isn't any walkthrough for this game now. If you have a walkthrough you can send it by clicking here.

Zelda II for NES Walkthrough

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